Public Spaces

Public Realm

Alongside beautiful buildings, St James’s is characterised by many beautiful public spaces. It is important, if this is to continue being a defining feature of the neighbourhood, that the public realm and movement through it continues to be of the highest quality.

An excellent public realm generally helps enhance safety by reducing the number of vehicles and providing wider opportunities, such as enhanced biodiversity through planting and public art.

The Plan proposes that proposals to improve the public realm of St James’s will be supported and any major development will be require to provide or support the provision of improvements to the local public realm.

Pedestrian and cycling movement and connectivity

Encouraging more sustainable modes of transport and travel, including cycle parking, is a key strategic objective of both the London Plan and Westminster’s City Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan proposes that all major development should adhere to the Healthy Streets Approach, promoting safe active travel. Additionally, it recommends that new development should either provide new infrastructure or enhance existing facilities to support this objective.

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